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Dream 365 – Commemorative event honoring the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. The event is comprised of various activities during that week-end. The members and protégé support this event with financial sponsorship and working any activity as assigned.
High School Day – The protégé attend College/Universities Campus to participate in activities on site. They are given tours of the campus, learn about financial aid, scholarship opportunities, entrance requirements, and participate in any sporting event that is available that day.
Black History – The protégé participate in events at their Schools, Churches and with local organizations.
Fall Industry visit- The protégé make an Industry tour during the fall of the year. The see firsthand how that company operates its business. They are exposed to the type of service or products the company manufactures.
Spring Break – The protégé participate in community service project. They also start their planning and preparation for their Annual Banquet program.
Annual Protégé Banquet – The banquet is one of the major fundraiser for the organization. The protégé conduct the entire ceremony. The event consists of a prominent guest speaker, and a formal program that highlights each of the protégé and the 100 members. Corporate sponsorships and ticket sales are the main of the fundraising process.
The protégé participate in local community project as assigned or needed. They work in corporation with The Columbus Arts Council and other such agencies.
MSMS Science Camp – The Mississippi School for Math and Science located on the campus Of MUW host a Science Camp. The event is one of the main projects of the Columbus 100 chapter. Students attend a camp that is filled with activities. They are housed in the dorm during that week. They attend classes during the day and special planned events in the evening. The event has gain many accolades for being a one of a kind event. The focus of the camp is to introduce the participant to the study of Science. The project is designed to heighten interest in nontraditional careers.
The summer is a time for fun and focus events. The protégé have pizza parties, bowling, and picnics. Each of these events teaches the protégé about fellowship and working together. The protégé often have opportunities to partner with other agencies. The last project was with COCO from Starkville, MS. They took a train ride trip to Washington D.C. The trip was three days long and they were exposed to the interworking of our government. They tour several National Monuments and an Art Gallery.
The beginning of school gives the protégé a chance to get off to a good start for the year. They are counseled on what classes they should take and how to make the most of their time. They are encouraged to focus on doing their best with balancing academics, sports, family, and/or work schedules.
The major project in this month is an alliance with The United Way. The protégé are active in the Day-to-care project. The event involves a community service project. They are asked to adopt senior citizens families to do yard work. They will make sure that each family yard is well groomed. The United Way also sponsors a food bank. The members of the 100 allocate funds for this project and the protégé help with the physical aspect of gathering the goods.
The protégé go on their Fall High School Day and Industry Field Trips. These events are geared to keep the protégé actively involved in improving the quality of their lives by exposure to various opportunities.
An alliance with The Columbus Police Department and The Links is done to feed senior citizens during the Thanksgiving Holiday. The protégé assist in packaging and delivery of the plates.
The annual Christmas Luncheon is held at the Columbus Country Club. The protégé exchange gifts and enjoy their meals with the Pink Pearls. The occasion is a dress event where etiquette skills and training to become a gentleman is applied. They use the event as fellowship with one another to close out the year.


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