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Tutoring – A Licensed Educator is assigned to conduct tutoring for the protégé weekly. The protégé are given the opportunity to bring in assignments and or concerns and have the tutor work with them in developing fundamental skill needed to achieve better grades and to improve their understanding of the subject matter.

School site visits – Member(s) do onsite visits to the school to establish a repore with the Guidance Counselors and the Teachers. The protégé grades are monitored to make sure that the Tutoring offered is working. The behavior of the protégé is also discussed to ensure that they are being responsible students and that they are not having trouble with their character.

Counseling - Members of the 100 are available to the protégé to discuss any pertinent issue that they may have. The protégé discuss issues of finance, seeking employment, family matters and a wide range of other concerns that they have. The protégé are given direction on any issue presented.

Workshops – Monthly meetings are given to the protégé to help develop personal skills. Each month a guest speaker presents a topic designed to enhance the protégé. An example of the some of the different workshops is as follows: Leadership, Etiquette, dress for success, the importance of Education and Community (giving back) and character building (from rags to riches experiences).


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